Rhiannon GillisWelcome to Rhiannon’s Interiors. My name is Rhiannon Gillis and I do a majority of the work for the site. I am a mother, a wife, and a long time Los Angeles resident. I have been working here as a designer and decorator for over 12 years now. I have dabbled in all types of design, ranging from McDonald’s restaurants, to corporate offices, to resorts throughout the United States. I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve loathed it, and more than anything, I’ve learned from it.


What I have discovered is that more than anything else, I want to spread the word that having a nicely designed home does not have to be far beyond your means. I know I know, this is already being said everywhere with the overwhelming amount of sites, posts, shows, and blogs, but somehow I don’t think it’s actually felt true. You shouldn’t have to do it all yourself, and I know that sometimes you can’t. However with the digital world, there is so much that you can do on your own. With my help you only pay for what you need. I think you should be able to hire someone to help you with your individual needs. I cater to a wide variety of individuals, with wildly different needs and budgets. With my help you can choose a design package that works for you. Each package comes with different services to give you exactly what you need. Nothing more, and nothing less.


MRP_4989It’s taken a lot for me to get to this point. I had taken a break from the industry after having my daughter, thinking maybe this was not the profession for me. I am so incredibly glad I did it, because I was able to learn that I do love having the opportunity to be creative as often as I can. I feel the need to constantly challenge myself. I have discovered that nothing makes me happier than creating something visually that others can see real beauty in.

This site is my way of sharing the elements of design that I think are exciting and inspiring. I absolutely adore all things design. I love writing articles that may in return help you out with something along the way. We all yearn for a place that reflects our own personality and that we can be proud of. More than anything, I just want you to have fun and push yourself creatively.


ArtCricket-165I have also joined forces with Diana Kohne Kenny, and we have started a service called Art Cricket LA. It allows you to take a quiz, and discover the style of art that appeals to you. You can then be paired with great local artists and choose art to keep, no matter your budget. Art Cricket simply gives you an opportunity to become your own art collector.


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