5 Housewarming Gifts for Any Taste

Written by Sean Miller.

Moving into a new home may be stressful. Especially since all of your attention is switched on the home and all the items you need to buy and bring in. It really is a lot. Knowing this, it is very nice to have a friend or a family to help. Try offering your help to your friend who is moving – it will mean a lot. Oh and don’t forget to bring a unique gift for that opportunity – it will be a beautiful way to release the stress, and showing that it is all going to be right. You don’t have to buy some regular stuff , try to be creative and make your gift really special. Here are 5 ideas for housewarming gifts for any taste.


These are really needed in any household and they will be surely used a lot. Your friends will be using them every day and always remember you in that moment. There are so many ideas for this kind of gift. At first, you can choose the glasses with different patterns on it – that will make all experience of drinking more interesting. It is also good to choose glasses which are higher and are more than 10 oz., that will ensure that they can be used for multiple beverages.

If you are creative and crafty, you may buy glasses with no print, and then paint something yourself. For example, your names, interesting dates from the past, maybe even print out your pictures and put it on glasses with different techniques of painting. You will end up having a beautiful and personalized gift which will always be remembered.

Simple Tool Gift Basket or Box

The basic tool set for the house is a must and it is really a practical idea for a gift. Just make sure that your friend doesn’t have one yet. Make a basket with a few handy basics which will make it both useful and personal. Make sure that the basket is hard enough to handle the weight of the tool. If you don’t like the basket idea, you can always go for pre-made tool boxes or bags.

Inside you should put a few basic tools, starting from a hammer, measuring tape, nails, screws, multi-bit screwdriver, etc. You can also give a personal touch to the box by painting something outside (or inside), writing a note, or adding a personalized tag.

Scented Candles 

Beautiful and scented candles don’t ever go out of fashion. It is a very nice idea to buy a set of aromatic candles. If you can find candles with a tray, or with other add-ons as dried flowers or a vase. This way, you will bring in a gift which will give a beautiful smell and atmosphere in many rooms – bathroom, kitchen and even living room. Find the candles with the smell of lavender, orange or vanilla, or just buy a few different ones, so that your friend will enjoy all of the aromas and gentle light of candles.

Besides the candles, you can go for aromatic infuser sticks or even a set for DIY candles that your friends can make at home and personalize the scent.


Plants are really one of the most amazing gifts for any occasion. They literally give a life to one’s home and give a special tone to the entire house. You don’t have to think whether someone else did the same – there can’t be too many plants in the house since all of them are unique itself. In fact, here are some reason why plants are so great inside the home.

There are so many choices with plants – you can buy different kinds of herbs, little trees or flowers. Choose the one you think your friend will like the most. Don’t be afraid to experiment and bring a new and different plant into their home. Just ask for the conditions which are needed for the plant’s growth, since it is really important that it doesn’t wither after a few weeks spent at your friend’s house.


This is also an idea for an amazing gift. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money at all. If you enjoy painting, do this one by yourself and frame it, and it will be a beautiful gift. If you aren’t quite creative, you can just print or paint one of many interesting quotes which you can find online. For example “Never Stop Looking Up” or “Enjoy the Little Things” will be more than enough to decorate your friend’s home and give it a special tone. Or even check out Etsy for beautiful prints to frame.

Whatever gift you decide to buy, don’t forget to bring your smile and good wishes to your friend. Be supportive and it will bind you even more for years to come.

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Written by Sean Miller. Sean is a young and aspiring writer, fashion lover and home decor fan, currently a part of the creative team at Discover Millstrand. In his free time, Sean enjoys listening to music, watching tv shows and walking his dog.

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