Wreath Workshop with Rhiannon’s Interiors

Wreath WorkshopLast weekend I was lucky enough to host a wreath workshop at The Great Escape Club in Atwater Village. It was super relaxed, super easy, and oh so much fun. Everyone made such beautiful pieces it was a total success.

It seems like this time of year wreaths are such a perfect DIY project. They’re ideal decorations because of how beautiful they are, and how incredibly easy they are to take down. Who doesn’t love that? Plus they are the best gifts for hosts around the holidays. I know I’d love to receive one if I were hosting the big dinner this year.

Wreath WorkshopI made 2 examples for everyone to see as different options or possibilities. In the 1st I made an autumn wreath with vibrant colors, which I am partial to. In the 2nd I decided it should be more of a winter wreath. I explained briefly how I made each one, which I can do on here in a post if you are interested.  Mostly, I just explained that I wanted each and everyone one of them to create whatever it was they wanted. I encourage everyone to find what works for them and run with it. These 2 that I created were merely examples.

IMG_9159I brought all of the fixings to create the wreaths I had made. I also brought a great deal many more pieces to choose from. I included different color ribbon in various sizes, labels, leaves, beads, berries, and fabrics. My favorite element was the leaves. I think leaves should be incorporated when you’re making an autumn wreath and they are so easy to collect and preserve.

I think part of the reason this was such a fun event was because it allowed people to push their creativity limits. Even just using materials that maybe they hadn’t thought of can push you to make something new and different. Plus it’s always great to learn new techniques from one another.

Wreath WorkshopIn the end I saw some beautiful wreaths being created. Everyone had a great time, and loved being able to bounce ideas off of each other. Plus they all got to take what they made and leave. There was no mess to clean up, or unwanted glitter stuck to their table tops and floors. It was just a dedicated time to design, decorate, and be creative. I loved it!

Seeing as this one was such a success, we have decided to do a another workshop in December. Whether it will be another wreath workshop, or something for ornaments or gift wrapping, that is unclear. Either way it will be fun and I cannot wait!

Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a Los Angeles designer and writes for the blogs Art Cricket LA and Rhiannon’s Interiors.

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