Halloween Door Decorations

Looking for some Halloween decorations to put up this year? Try doing these easy and fun Halloween door decorations.

Eerie Forest Entry

Eerie Entryway halloween door decoration

With brown kraft paper and white paint, you can turn your door into a spooky looking tree. Go one step further and add other details to your entire porch to make it look like your visitors are walking through an eerie forest.

Keep Out

Keep Out halloween decorations

For this one all you need is some spiderwebs, cardboard, and paint, and you’ve got yourself the start of a pretty great looking haunted house. The kids who come trick or treating will totally love it.

Bats Covering the Door

Bats as halloween door decoration

Buy yourself a ton of fake bats and cover your door. The darker the color of your door is, the spookier it will look.

Garage Door

Spooky garage door halloween decorations

Don’t forget about your garage door this year. I like this because it is pretty spooky, but in a kid friendly way. Plus, ya got to have a black cat up somewhere in your decorations.

Pumpkin Door

Jack O lantern Door halloween decorations

This one is my daughters favorite. I like that everyone will surely see this bright orange door during the day, and at night (with your porch light on of course).

Haunted Silhouettes

Haunted Silhouettes for door decorations

Silhouettes are always spooky. You can do just about anything and it is frightening when back-lit. Making them into an axe or a chainsaw couldn’t hurt.

Monster Door

Monster halloween door decorations

Check out Home Jelly for this tutorial on how to make your own Paper Bag Door Monster. Pretty cute right?

Mummy Door

Mummy Halloween Door Decorations

You want easy? Wrap up a door in white crepe paper and tape on 2 paper plate eyes. You’ve got yourself a mummy door that anyone would love.


Spiderweb Halloween door decorations

I love this! I think it’s best if you have a black door, however any dark color would work just fine.

Images: Womans Day, Country Living, BHG, Classroom Creative, Makezine, Home Jelly, Improvements Catalog, and The Family Chapters

Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a Los Angeles designer and writes for the blogs Art Cricket LA and Rhiannon’s Interiors.


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