9 Reasons to Avoid Carving A Pumpkin

Since tomorrow is the first day of October, you can officially start displaying some Halloween decorations. I’m sure you’ve even been pinning plenty of Halloween inspired pins on Pinterest. I know I have. Here are my top 9 favorite Pumpkins for the fall season. My favorite part of these pumpkins is that they aren’t just meant to be enjoyed at night. Plus, because you aren’t carving any of em, they can be up all month long.


This is genius. It’s cute, has a vintage flare, and can be scary if you use the right kind of silhouette. This is by far my favorite way to decorate a pumpkin. Thanks to The Lettered Cottage.

Formal Fringe

Formal Fringe has decided that painting patterns on your pumpkin is just fun. I especially like the idea of painting your home state on least one of them. Not scary, just pretty.


Yup. Chalkboard paint goes on everything now. It makes sense that its been added to a pumpkin. You can have a new drawing each day of the month.


This list wouldn’t be complete without an ombre pumpkin. You had to know this was coming. Thanks Funky Time.

Bats SwarmThe website spoonful had this great idea of getting a swarm of bats to fly across the pumpkin. This is great for those who like the spooky. Naturally, I love this one.

Corn CandiesBHG has this great idea to simply spray paint the top and bottom to mimic a candy corn. You have to find the right pumpkin shape for this one though.


Want simple? Buy gold spray paint and a pumpkin, then voila. You have a great piece of fall decor. Real Simple did right by this one.


This is for those of you who want a classy pumpkin. I mean some pumpkins are so perfect that they should be painted silver and monogrammed. All In A Day actually used a fake pumpkin so that it will last through fall. Paint yours any color you want and have fun with it.

Doily Pumpkin

As some of you may know, I love anything with lace. So this pumpkin is another favorite. Super simple and oober pretty. Plus it’s great for Halloween and all of fall. See BHG for directions on how to do your own.

Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a designer based out of Los Angeles and writes for the design blog RhiannonsInteriors.com

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