1. We used a really pretty one for cards at our wedding last year, and I didn’t want to get rid of it. I knit, so I picked out some of my prettier yarns and piled them up inside! It’s a nice bit of extra storage that doubles as a decorative piece. I love the idea of using them as lighting, too, especially the antique wooden ones.

    • I love the idea of filling it up with yarn. I think they are meant to hold items that we wouldn’t ordinarily think. Especially with how soft the yarn looks in comparison to the cage itself. Great!

    • A baby shower would be fun. Imagine all of the things you could fill it with. Baby rattles, cloths diapers, or little baby toys. Fun idea!
      I’m a little jealous. Id love to have a birdcage collection myself.

  2. Love the birdcages! Especially when they are used as lighting fixtures – e.g. chandeliers from Restoration Hardware. Some great ideas here – thank you for sharing!

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